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Process - threshold detection

In this part of the tour you'll learn how to create a transform. The transform detects if CPU load exceeds a certain threshold, and if so, sends a message to its output topic.

Create the transform

To create the threshold detection transform:

  1. In your Develop environment, click on Code Samples in the main left-hand navigation.
  2. Select the Python, Transformation, and Basic templates filters.
  3. For Starter transformation click Preview code.
  4. Click Edit code.
  5. Name the transform "CPU Threshold".
  6. Select the input topic cpu-load.
  7. For the output topic, add a new topic called cpu-spike.
  8. In the application view, click on to edit it.
  9. Replace all the code in with the following:

    from quixstreams import Application
    import os
    # Create an Application
    # It will get the SDK token from environment variables to connect to Quix Kafka
    app = Application()
    # Define input and output topics
    input_topic = app.topic(os.environ["input"])
    output_topic = app.topic(os.environ["output"])
    # Create a StreamingDataFrame to process data
    sdf = app.dataframe(input_topic)
    # Filter in all rows where CPU load is over 20.
    sdf = sdf.filter(lambda row: row["cpu_load"] > 20)
    # Produce message payload with alert.
    sdf = sdf.apply(lambda row: "CPU value is " + str(row["cpu_load"]))
    # Print messages to the console
    sdf = sdf.update(lambda row: print(row))
    # Send messages to the output topic
    sdf = sdf.to_topic(output_topic)
    if __name__ == "__main__":
        # Run the Application
  10. Tag the project as process-v1 and deploy as a service.

  11. Monitor the logs for the deployed process.

If CPU load exceeds the threshold the message is published to the output topic, for further processing in the next stage of the pipeline.

Generate a CPU spike

You can generate a CPU spike by starting up several CPU intensive applications.

🏃‍♀️ Next step

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