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Develop your application

This section of the documentation covers developing your application.

Your data processing pipeline typically consistes of multiple applications working together. Each application represents the implementation of a source, transform, or destination. You develop your application in an environment (a branch in your project), but you can later merge these changes with other branches as required.

For example, you might create a new source component to retrieve data from an external service, a transform to process this data, and then perhaps a destination, which could store data in a Postgres database. You might have another destination to display the data on a Streamlit dashboard.

These applications are connected together to form your pipeline. It is important to note the pipeline is contained within a branch.

For example, a pipeline on the develop branch of Project Alpha might be:

Application name Type Notes
Inbound data Source Fetch data from REST API
IP to geo Transform Converts IP address to Geolocation
Archive data Destination Write to Postgres relational database
Dashboard Destination Streamlit dashboard

Application name and path

A new feature in Quix is the ability to change an application name and path. For example, when creating a new application from a Code Sample, you are prompted for the application name and path.

The application name can be any suitable name, the application path is the folder in which the application is stored in the Git repository. By default the path is set to be the same as the application name, but you can choose any path name - for example, you might not want to use spaces in folder names, so you use underscores instead of spaces in the path.