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You need to sign up to Quix Cloud at this stage as you're going to be testing some of your code locally, and rather than set up a local broker, you'll use a Quix-hosted broker for your Kafka topics.

When you log into Quix Cloud, you'll be prompted to create a project.

Create a Quix project

In this step you create a project in Quix Cloud based on your Git repository.

  1. Give you project a suitable name, such as Simple Pipeline.
  2. Select Quix advanced configuration to continue creation of your project.
  3. Select your Git provider (for example, GitHub).
  4. Link the Quix project to your Git repository using the setup guide provided for your chosen Git provider.
  5. Use PROD for your environment, and make sure the main branch is selected.

When you've created the project, switch back to the command line.


If you need help on creating a project, you can read the documentation.

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