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Produce data

Here you'll explore Quix Streams a bit more by creating a producer to publish messages to a topic in your local Kafka broker. You'll then create a consumer that subscribes to messages on that topic and prints the messages.

This page assumes you have already installed Quix Streams.

Step 1: Set up a local Kafka broker

Set up a local Kafka broker. You can follow this quickstart to install Apache Kafka.

Step 2: Write your producer code

import psutil, time, json
from quixstreams import Application

# connect to your local Kafka broker
app = Application(broker_address="localhost:9092", consumer_group="producer-v1")

# configure the output topic to publish data to
output_topic = app.topic("cpu-load")

# get the cpu load (and memory usage)
def get_cpu_load():
    cpu_load = psutil.cpu_percent(interval=1)
    memory = psutil.swap_memory()
    return {
        "cpu_load": cpu_load,
        "memory": memory._asdict(),
        "timestamp": int(time.time_ns()),

def main():
    # create a Producer to send data to the topic
    with app.get_producer() as producer:
        while True:                
            # Get the current CPU and memory usage
            message = get_cpu_load()
            print("CPU load: ", message["cpu_load"])

            # publish a message to the output topic

if __name__ == '__main__':
    except KeyboardInterrupt:
        print('Exiting due to keyboard interrupt')

Save the code to a file named

Step 3: Run your producer


You are now publishing data into the cpu-load topic. You'll next create a consumer to consume these messages.

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