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When to choose Quix Bring Your Own Cluster (BYOC) Enterprise Edition?

Quix Cloud is suitable for a managed experience. BYOC offers the power of the Quix, along with the ability to control and scale the underlying services, and infrastructure.

When hosting your own Quix platform, you are in full control of how all its parts operate. Useful defaults are provided, but BYOC can be configured to fit your exact use case.

Quix Cloud Quix BYOC
Analyze data streams Yes Yes
Quickly deploy real-time apps Yes Yes
ISO 27001 certified Yes Yes1
You store the data No Yes2
On-premise cost savings No Possible3
Consume cloud reservations No Possible3
Bespoke Networking No Yes
Bespoke Storage No Yes
Private CA certificates No Yes
Can be scaled to your needs Yes Yes

  1. The process of creating Quix deliverables is ISO 27001 certified. This means that the software and services you receive as part of the BYOC package are ISO certified and built to stringent security standards. You can expect them to follow best industry practices and safe defaults.

    Once you install Quix BYOC on your environment, it becomes part of your processes and fall under your data security policies. 

  2. Exclusively. Quix BYOC Enterprise Editions are self-contained. Only you store your data. 

  3. Running your own infrastructure on your premises (or in a co-location) is often more cost-efficient than most cloud offerings. This is particularly true if you have specific hardware requirements that are not easily met in the cloud, such as GPUs, FPGAs, ultra-high-speed storage or networking. However, Quix Cloud remains the best managed experience.

    You may choose to run Quix BYOC in your own cloud environment, consuming reservations or quotas established in prior agreements with cloud providers. This has the potential to lower your operational costs, while maintaining a cloud presence with Quix.