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Quix Command-Line Interface (CLI)

The Quix CLI is a powerful command-line companion for seamlessly managing and interacting with the features of Quix Cloud. While Quix offers a robust UI for a user-friendly experience, the CLI empowers you with efficiency and flexibility, enabling you to streamline your workflow, and take control from the command line.

Quix CLI is in development

Quix CLI is currently Beta, and is under development. This documentation may not be completely up to date, as the CLI is updated frequently, with new commands added, some commands removed, and changes to command syntax. Please use the Quix CLI built-in help for the very latest information.

Some features are:

  • Effortless Control: Execute commands effortlessly to manage various aspects of your Quix organization.

  • Script Automation: Integrate Quix operations into your scripts for automated workflows and enhanced productivity.

  • Accessibility: Access and manipulate Quix features directly from the command line, providing an alternative interface for users who prefer terminal-based interactions.

  • Scalability: Seamlessly scale your Quix operations, whether you are working on a single instance or orchestrating tasks across multiple environments.

View information about the CLI in the GitHub repository.

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