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Overview - Query API

The Query API enables you to fetch persisted data stored in the Quix platform. You can use it for exploring the platform, prototyping applications, or working with stored data in any language with HTTP capabilities.

Legacy feature

This feature is not available to new users. However, legacy users may still have access to this functionality.


The Query API is primarily designed for testing purposes only. For production storage of data, Quix recommends using one of the numerous connectors to persist data in the database technology of your choice.

Further documentation

Documentation Endpoint Examples
Streams, paged /streams Get all streams in groups of ten per page
Streams, filtered /streams Get a single stream, by ID
Get only the streams with LapNumber data
Streams & models /streams/models Get stream hierarchy
Raw data /parameters/data Get all the Speed readings
Get Speed data between timestamps
Aggregated data by time /parameters/data Downsample or upsample data
Aggregated by tags /parameters/data Show average Speed by LapNumber
Tag filtering /parameters/data Get data for just one Lap