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Add a source

Now create a sample application. In this case you'll first add a data source application. In your project directory enter the following command:

quix local app create 

You will be prompted to select a library item using the interactive menu. Select Source and then Demo Data. This will give you a source that generates F1 racing car data from a CSV file. Give the application a suitable name, such as F1 demo data.

Create your local variables

To create your local variables for the source application, run the following command:

quix local variables export

This generates a .env file with several environment variables set for you, including the streaming token used for authenticating with your selected environment, and your input and output topics, for example:


Run your code locally

Run your source which will publish data to the f1-data topic. In the source application directory:



The required topic(s) are created. If your program generates a timeout error, it means the topic(s) are still being created. Simply wait a few moments and then try running the program again.

You can leave your code running, create a new shell tab, and proceed to the next step.

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