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Project templates

Project templates provide a way for you to examine your use case running in Quix. You don't need to sign up to see these projects running in Quix.

Project templates also provide a starting point for your own projects - our project templates are hosted as open source in the Quix GitHub repository, so you can fork them and import them into Quix, and use them to build out your own solution.

  • Computer vision

    Computer vision pipeline

    A project template that implements a real-time computer vision application.


  • Chat sentiment analysis

    Chat sentiment analysis pipeline

    A project template that implements a chat application with sentiment analysis.


  • Clickstream analysis

    Clickstream analysis pipeline

    Clickstream analysis for online shop data. Features real-time dashboard and web shop user interface.


  • Predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance pipeline

    Predicts failures in 3D printers.