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Harness the power of live data in any industry


Use live data to auto-detect fraud. Unify customer data to increase total lifetime value with more personalized financial products.

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Digital experiences are all about personalization. Unify and act on both live and historical customer data to drive up ACV and reduce churn.

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Faster game starts. Fewer cheats and chat problems. Learn how gaming companies use stream processing for a better player experience.

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Track, troubleshoot and optimize your fleet, with better predictions and fewer delays. Real-time automation and visualization makes this a snap.

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Deliver the ultimate news feed or fan experience in the moment it happens. Stream processing helps you assemble wow-worthy personalized highlights.

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Get greater speed and flawless delivery, backed by ready-for-anything resources. Now you can monitor, adapt and optimize your network.

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Data science

Why do most machine learning models never make it to production? They’re blocked by developer resources. Get the power to build, test and iterate on a Python-friendly platform.

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Data engineering

Don’t dump data in lakes. Build better pipelines to extract value the moment data is created. Accelerate data-driven resources with the power of stream processing.

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Trusted by developers and leading innovators

Quix was founded by Formula 1 engineers to bring the power of data stream processing to every industry. With a deep understanding of the complexities of working live data, the team engineered a tightly integrated, production-ready platform.

It’s everything you need to build data-driven products — and it performs faster and more efficiently than traditional development pipelines.

Stream processing is a complete paradigm shift from the days of merely “dumping” data into a warehouse or data lake. Instead, you can extract value from your data the moment it is created, and act immediately on it.

That’s pretty powerful. That’s Quix.

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The stream processing revolution

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