Stream processing.
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Create a streaming backend in less than 2 minutes. Write your project online in pure Python. Connect your data sources and start building data apps in seconds.

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No clusters to mange. Start from one stream. Data is automatically replicated. Pay cents per GB. Scale infinitely.


Run code without deploying or scaling servers. Self-healing and cheap. Start from templates that just work — no environment setup needed.


Produce and consume any data with connectors, SDKs and HTTP APIs. Optimized for high-frequency, high-volume, low-latency applications.


Inspect live and historic data. Discover insights in waveforms and tables. Build, test and iterate models in an online IDE with monitoring & data lineage.

In a package anyone can use

The microservices development framework enables any engineer working with data to develop, test, version control and CI/CD code in the cloud, without support from IT.

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For everyone on your team

Develop infinitely scalable data apps in pure Python. No JVM. Start from connectors and library samples that just work — no configuration needed.
Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

For data integration

Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

For data applications

Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

For IoT applications

Talk to a technical expert about your use case if you’re considering using stream processing in your business.

What can you build with Quix?

The possibilities are endless. Start with our open source sample library to build faster.

Real-time image analytics with ML

Quix companion app – Bluetooth telemetry acquisition with Android

Connect to machine data with OPC-UA Linux agent

Build a real-time sentiment analysis service

Connect to Ably IoT Hub

Connect to Azure IoT hub

Connect to MQTT broker

Turn your smartphone into a game controller

Netatmo smart home integration

Awair smart home integration

Detect events in time series data

Threshold alert