One tool to develop and run event streaming apps

Don’t let complex infrastructure and configuration hold you back. Simply write your code to develop, release and observe your application.

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Accelerate your event streaming development

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One tool

Quix combines containerised microservices with Docker, Kafka and Git. Run it anywhere: our cloud, your cloud or on-premise.

No messing around with containers or message brokers. Just a few clicks and you're ready to go.


Code-first development

Do nothing but write code. Zero provisioning, setup, or maintenance. Just focus on writing your code with your preferred IDE.

Integrate events coming from your services. Spin up multiple environments, attach them to your Git, develop your application and deploy it. All seamlessly integrated with your existing CI/CD workflow.


Complex event processing made simple

Stream processing, simplified. From data cleaning and basic functions to serving ML models.

Code in pure Python with Quix Streams, our open-source library. Quix Streams utilises Streaming DataFrames to transfer your existing batch-processing techniques to streaming applications. Or bring your favourite streaming library in any language you prefer.

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Deploy your event streaming application in a few clicks

5 clicks

to setup your environment

That's all it takes to deploy a Kafka-powered event streaming app on Quix using Git, Docker and serverless computing.


throughput and CPU

Track-tested tool built by F1 engineers to handle high velocity and volume of data.



That's how reliable our tool is. No need to worry about downtimes, just focus on your code. Uptime is based on the last 90 days.

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