November 30, 2022
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The Stream — November 2022 edition

The November 2022 edition of The Stream: covering this month in stream processing on the internet.

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Quix brings DataFrames and the Python ecosystem to stream processing. Stateful, scalable and fault tolerant. No wrappers. No JVM. No cross-language debugging.

Our library is open source—support the project by starring the repo.
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Quix raises $12.9m Series A to accelerate event-driven data apps

MMC Ventures have led our Series A round to help us bring streaming to more software organisations! We're looking for new Quixers to join us across our engineering and product to help us in our mission. Check out our careers page if you're interested in joining 🚀

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Explanatory scheme of Kafka and Flink.

Uber Freight Near-Real-Time Analytics Architecture

How Uber changed their analytics architecture to save $1.5 million in 2021 through improved performance.

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Real-Time at Pinterest

How Pinterest leverages real-time user actions in recommendations to boost home feed engagement volume

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Two people on a virtual meeting.

Shifting Data Science workloads from batch to streaming

Ralph Debusmann shares their journey of migrating from a batch machine learning platform to a real-time event streaming system with Apache Kafka® and delves into their approach to making the transition frictionless. The conversation is hosted by Streaming Audio's affable host Kris Jenkins.

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Navigating stateful stream processing

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What is real-time feature engineering?

Pre-computing features for real-time machine learning reduces the precision of the insights you can draw from data streams. In this guide, we'll look at what real-time feature engineering is and show you a simple example of how you can do it yourself.
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