14 Nov, 2022 | Quix

Quix raises $12.9m Series A to accelerate event-driven data apps

Why we've partnered with MMC Ventures, Project A Ventures and Passion Capital to accelerate our growth.

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Mike Rosam, CEO & Co-Founder
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Quix announces Series A funding

I'm delighted to share that Quix, our event-driven data engineering platform for building real-time applications, has raised a $12.9m Series A funding round led by MMC Ventures, with full participation from existing investors Project A Ventures and Passion Capital.

When we were working at McLaren Formula 1 we knew success was based on a team’s ability to make decisions in milliseconds. Real-time data became a competitive advantage in a context where decisions needed to made fast. 

Quix has developed a high-performance, scalable platform that solves a clear business challenge: processing data in real-time to derive actionable insights. It empowers organisations to build data apps in weeks rather than years by providing dev teams with the tools, infrastructure, and integrations they’d otherwise have to build themselves.

Core to Quix’s strategy is a modular architecture, meaning that customers are not locked into any cloud vendor, infrastructure, or technology. The team has also made an intentional choice to focus on Python – a language that supports deeper analytics, machine learning and automation use cases.

With the new funding, we plan to grow our team to accelerate investments in product, partnerships, community and open-source initiatives. We can't wait for this next step. Thanks for being on the ride so far!

If you're interested in joining to accelerate our journey, check out our careers page.

Interested in learning more? Read why MMC Ventures have invested. You can also find the funding announcement on TechCrunch.


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words by
Mike Rosam, CEO & Co-Founder

Mike Rosam is Co-Founder and CEO at Quix, where he works at the intersection of business and technology to pioneer the world's first streaming data development platform. He was previously Head of Innovation at McLaren Applied, where he led the data analytics product line. Mike has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Imperial College London.

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