Use case: Telco

The essential telco playbook: monitor, adapt and optimize

You’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — more speed, flawless delivery, and ready-for-anything resources. Now optimize performance and pricing with the power of live data.

Network monitoring

Waiting up to a minute — or more — to start a multiplayer game? What a buzzkill. Quix helps players get out of the lobby and into the game faster.

Data stream processing drives seamless, smarter matches. Group players of a similar caliber for a more satisfying experience.

Dynamic pricing

Make supply and demand fluctuations a benefit to your business. Surge pricing enables you to charge more during peak periods. Combine it with usage-based pricing to maximize profits.

Network stability and redundancy is essential to your business. Coupled with proactive network monitoring, it can fuel greater maximization of resources and command higher prices.

Network simulation

Build a simulation of your network — all the complexities and scenarios. A what-if analysis can predict and prepare for seasonal spikes, weather, even headline news.

Now you can run parallel simulations simultaneously, calculate probable outcomes, and query against simulations. This drives better decisions from human operators, with decision support from ML.

Customer 360

Get a complete picture of your customers — both humans and companies — and how they use your infrastructure across their organization.

Identify higher-value customers, create mutual benefit with dynamic and usage-based pricing, and tailor your offers to fit customers’ business cases.

Resource optimization

With ever-growing traffic in data, networks must optimize every piece of infrastructure. Replicas handle demand spikes for critical infrastructure, but when left unused, this becomes waste.

Get closer to 100% utilization while guaranteeing resilience. With millisecond-precision monitoring, you can detect issues and immediately pivot to other resources to support your SLAs.

Changing the telco industry

Quix was founded by Formula 1 engineers who used the power of millisecond-precision monitoring to support time-critical decisions and ensure flawless performance.

With a platform to seamlessly integrate live data and run simulations in parallel for a host of what-if scenarios, Quix makes monitoring and optimizing Telco networks smarter and more resilient.

Plus, modeling for dynamic- and usage-based pricing helps you achieve greater resource use and a higher profit margin.

Ready to learn more? Chat with a friendly expert about what you can do with Quix.

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