Use case: Media

The ultimate news feed. The ultimate fan experience.

Give fans and viewers exactly what they want — total coverage, every angle or play — in the moment it happens. Stream processing makes it possible to deliver live, personalized feeds for any interest. That’s media magic.


There are two ways to find out what your audience really cares about: ask or listen. Asking them to select topics is good. But listening to unexpressed needs is even better.

Quix helps you monitor media consumption and preferences in real time so you can build an accurate, highly detailed model of what they want to read or see more of.

News feeds

Live events and news are the ultimate in “expect the unexpected.” There’s simply no way a human can manage the volume and velocity of data from hundreds of cameras and creators. But a machine can.

With Quix and ML to sort and order data as it comes in, you can immediately combine multiple sources to augment live sports, music and major news.

Sentiment scoring

When news and events happen, you need to know how people respond. Quix built a real-time audience sentiment analysis tool, crunching millions of tweets to reveal positive and negative views of a single hashtag.

With Quix, you can also apply ML to live data streams to identify problems and prevent abuse in comment feeds.

Advertising impact

The trend toward usage-based pricing holds promise for media. For example, teams can charge for ad placement based on the number of minutes a sponsor appears on the screen.

Live data processing calculates this advertising value, using image recognition to determine reach and impressions. This real-time proof can significantly bolster ad revenue.

Changing the media industry

Quix was founded by Formula 1 engineers who not only built live data processing systems to help cars go faster — they also designed new digital experiences to drive greater fan engagement.

Media and events are all about what’s happening now. Quix is a purpose-built platform for industries that work with massive volumes of live data and demand the power to process it in real time.

Whether for personalizing a news feed, or assembling all the angles in a highlight reel, Quix can make it happen.

Ready to learn more? Chat with a friendly expert about what else you can do with Quix.

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