Use case: Finance

Keep pace with all your customers, all the time

The drive to digital has radically transformed the world of banking, financial services and insurance. Live data improves fraud detection and enables new and more personalized financial products.

Detect fraud

The explosion of digital devices, apps and experiences opens your business to millions of vulnerabilities. It’s more than any human can handle, which is why leading banks use ML with live data to block crime in real time.

By processing data at the moment it is created, and automating responses to block or flag suspicious activity, you deliver stronger security.

Validate transactions

Quix helps banks and financial institutions accelerate customer requests for payments, loans, and anything that queries existing data.

This directly affects revenue — customers left waiting for loan approval are 80% more likely to seek other lenders. Now you can pre-approve transactions in moments with ML and automation.

Customer 360

In massive financial institutions, individual products are virtually invisible to other business lines. Data streams deliver the power of context, wrapping this data into a single event stream: your Customer 360.

By understanding the customer’s lifecycle, you’re better equipped to offer more relevant products with a greater lifetime value.


Usage-based pricing is a breakthrough for insurance and finance, enabling users to manage costs while the provider maximizes price.

Stream processing makes this pricing model possible. Calculate usage by the mile for an insurance premium, or by the hour for an equipment loan. Consumption pricing lets you bring new financial products to market.


The transition from brick-and-mortar branches to all-digital experiences leaves a gap — the human connection. Personalization through ML and live data enables banks to identify unexpressed needs and act immediately.

Glean insights from digital assets like your mobile banking app to serve tailored products to the customer at the right time.

Changing the finance industry

Quix was founded by Formula 1 McLaren engineers who used the power of stream processing live data to make mission-critical decisions. Whether in an F1 race or at a point-of-sale counter, a decision needs to be instant — and accurate.

Quix works with some of the world’s foremost brands in banking, financial services and insurance to bring the power of stream processing to solve the unique challenges in BFSI.

Ready to learn more?  Chat with a friendly expert about what your institution can do with Quix.

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