For Event Driven Data Engineering

Streaming Containers

Run code on the only infrastructure built and managed by McLaren F1 engineers to process unlimited data on demand.

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Next-gen data engineering at your fingertips

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Full control

Code in pure Python using all your favourite libraries. Get started with our open source repo of pre-configured API's, connectors and transformation samples. Deploy pre-built images, modify the code as you please or build from scratch templates.

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F1 infrastructure

The only platform that merges Kafka and Kubernetes into a truly serverless data wonderland. Forget the hassle of building and managing infrastructure. Deploy and run your code in reliable production-ready environments with a click.

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Unlimited processing

Produce, consume and process any large and fast data with specific support for events, time-series, text and binary data (files, videos and audio). Immediately process data as soon as it arrives whether that's every week, every day or - like F1 teams - every nano second.


The Quix platform

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Connect your data sources and destinations

Integrate to common data technologies with our open source repo of pre-built connectors. Your connector not available? Build one quickly from pre-configured templates for HTTP & Websocket API or use Quix Streams for M2M connections. Commit your project to our repo to earn free credits.

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Build data apps faster on any Kafka

Run code natively on data in your Kafka without using connectors or adapters for maximum performance. Develop locally and deploy remotely. Test your pipeline by replaying historic data exactly as it arrived. No Kafka? No problem! Get started with ours!

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Transform your data before it lands in storage

Event better, route real-time data back to your app in less than 200ms. Clean, join, enrich and feature engineer data before serving it to an ML model. All in one modular, reliable and resilient event-driven real-time pipeline.

Unlocking streaming data for Ademen

Ademen aims to empower community clinical teams to screen for and monitor health problems using the smart stethoscope it built on streaming data with Quix.

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It’s free to get started

Sign up now and start building your first event streaming app with free credits to use in compute and streaming.