Confluent integration

Build on Confluent Cloud's data in motion

Connect Quix — the Python stream processing platform — to Confluent and leverage your Confluent Cloud streaming data to start building real-time applications and products faster.

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Unleash the power of Quix’s stream processing

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Pure Python

Unlocking the full potential of the entire AI ecosystem

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Streaming library

Specialised in tabular format data processing

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Fully-featured stack

K8's, docker, Git, IDE, observability tools, data tools, CI/CD and IaC

Inside the product

How the integration works

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Natively connect Quix to Confluent Cloud

Access your existing Confluent cluster from the Quix platform to build real-time data applications, faster.

Create, delete, and manage topics & partitions in Confluent Cloud to find them in Quix, where you can explore and observe data flowing into the topics.

Vice versa, you can create, delete, and manage topics & partitions in Quix: that will be reflected in your Confluent Cloud.

See how the integration works.

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Develop faster with Pure Python

Quix provides a cloud-native Python framework and extensive developer tools that help ML Engineers develop, test and run real-time apps using a standard workflow.

Process data streams with pure Python, debug and test code against historic data replays, and promote and deploy your code from Development to Production environments using our CI/CD based on Git and Infrastructure as Code.

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Sync multiple teams on a single tool

With Quix, data engineers can easily manage and monitor data streams, while data scientists can deploy their machine-learning models independently using Python.

At the same time, the KafkaOps team maintains control over the data infrastructure and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

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