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Everything you need to build a fully featured data application

  • 1 workspace
  • Multi-tenant infrastructure
  • Level-up free resources

3GB / 3m messages

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The cheapest way for developers to scale their data apps
  • 5 workspaces
  • Multi-tenant infrastructure
  • All-inclusive packages p
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For teams and infrastructure-conscious organizations
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Single-tenant infrastructure
  • Team tools

Unlimited scale


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Empowering organizations with security, scale and top-tier support

  • Enterprise tools
  • Enterprise infrastructure
  • Enterprise support & SLA

Unlimited scale

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Resource rate card

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Resource Cost ($)
APIs (GiB) 0.42
Streaming (GiB) 0.50
Processing: CPU (core/hour) 0.084
Processing: RAM (GiB/hour) 0.021
HDD storage (GiB/month) 1.60
SSD storage (128GiB free. 2.60GiB/month thereafter) 35.8

Data volume per package is an approximation from typical use-cases.
Actual resource will vary according to your app.
Underspend is ‘use-it or lose-it’.
Overspend is deducted from the next month to keep your app running.

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