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Unlock the Power of GenAI for Your Legal Practice

You want to adopt AI technology but limited resources and strict data privacy requirements force a hard compromise between making your own AI tools versus buying AI tools from a vendor. Quix provides a 'buy-and-make' solution to this problem. Your firm can 'buy' a ready-to-run AI knowledge assistant tool packaged to run on any private infrastructure. AND you can 'make' in-house applications by leveraging a full suite of data tools, developer tools, and APIs.


Unlock immediate ROI

Get immediate returns on your investment with our out-of-the-box legal assistant. You can analyse documents, ask questions about them, generate new content and increase productivity right from the start.


Keep control of your data

Own a GenAI platform in your private cloud and break free from the constraints of public cloud services. With full control to innovate at your own pace while ensuring data security and confidentiality.


Stay agile in a competitive market

Quickly extend your AI capabilities with a full suite of developer tools, data tools and API’s that enable you to build AI apps to meet new business requirements.

GenAI in a secure environment

GenAI tools like ChatGPT can unlock efficiency by analysing many documents, contracts and communication in minutes rather than weeks. However, you cannot share confidential data with third-party AI vendors. Quix offers a GenAI platform that can be hosted on your private infrastructure. You own your AI apps, data and LLM models, whilst we maintain the core platform with the latest open-source AI technologies.

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Scale your legal practices to increase ROI

Current GenAI tools can limit your workflow: you can only work with one document at a time which adds a lot of manual work when the number of documents to analyse is high. With our GenAI platform, you can review and analyse one document or thousands of documents without additional manual labour.

Fine-tune your GenAI Platform to your domain

Legal firms often face a tough decision between building their own AI solutions, which can be resource-intensive and challenging to implement securely, or settling for inflexible off-the-shelf products that don't fully meet their unique business needs. With Quix, you get the best of both worlds.

Our 'buy-and-make' solution empowers your firm to 'buy' a ready-to-run AI knowledge assistant tool that is packaged to run on any private infrastructure. From there, you can 'make' in-house applications tailored to your firm's specific requirements by utilising our comprehensive suite of data tools, developer tools, and APIs.

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