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A community for people involved in stream processing.

Members of The Stream

Interact with data (in any way)

Write and run custom code without deploying or scaling servers.

Write in Python

Persist data with a single click. Explore sessions with Quix or Jupyter.

Interested in real-time data

Produce and consume high-frequency time-series data. Also supports events, audio and video.

Where we meet

Slack channel

Talk about your projects, follow live coding sessions and ask questions

In-person events

Build relationships with others using stream processing

Online meetups

Learn how others apply stream processing — and present your own use case


Stay up to date with the latest news in the stream processing world

You can also find us in our Berlin, Munich and London meetup groups, where we discuss topics centered around stream processing and real-time data.

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Aug 31 – Sep 1, 2022

Data Natives Conference

Helpful people. Awesome projects.

Talk with your peers about how they’re building with stream processing

Using real-time data to power IoT devices

Migrating workloads from batch to stream processing

Detecting sentiment with ML language processing tools

Delivering lower latency for data-driven products

Using compute resources more efficiently

Running real-time automation

Change data capture (CDC)

Upcoming events

Aug 31 - Sep 1, 2022 Data Natives Conference
SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2022 Big Data London
October 7, 2022 Project A Knowledge Conference

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