The stream processing revolution

Research report

Why stream processing is replacing static dashboards

Business intelligence analytics are showing their age. Why companies are converting to data stream processing — and why it’s essential to competitive success.

The future is streaming data, according to Gartner, Forrester, McKinsey and more

Stream processing delivers real time, data-driven insights that were previously impossible — creating a major competitive advantage. This is transforming enterprise data architecture and disrupting the $200 billion-plus big data industry as stream processing replaces slower and less efficient batch data analytics.

But the cost and complexity of stream processing overwhelms many organizations. This paper explores:

  • Why traditional business insights (BI) analytics and dashboards based on batch processing aren’t keeping up with the needs of business
  • Use cases for streaming data across industries — who is adopting it fastest? What do analysts say?
  • How stream processing helps organizations understand events as they happen, and automatically respond to them with ML and AI
  • Why data scientists aren’t able to take advantage of streaming data or easily use it in their machine learning models
  • Mistakes companies make when building streaming data infrastructure (and how to avoid them)