Stream processing: a better approach to data integration

Seamlessly ingest, transform and deliver data from disparate sources in real time to power products and decision makers.

Data integration made easy, from ingestion to application

Consume from anywhere

Meet your data where it’s at. Quix’s APIs allow you to ingest and consume data from HTTP and web applications over WebSockets.

Use Kafka without the complexity

Our SDK for Python and C# lets you take advantage of Kafka’s reliability and efficiency, even if you’re not a Kafka expert.

Stay in control of your data

Use monitoring tools to explore historic data and real-time data flowing in your pipelines to check the performance of your system.

Your new best friend for integrating data: the Quix SDK


Keep your data in order with the SDK, which bundles data and metadata in a stream. You’ll be able to easily differentiate data streams when integrating, transforming and delivering them.


Keep costs low — even when you’re processing multiple data streams at high frequencies. You can balance latency and cost with the SDK’s customizable buffer feature for managing high volumes of data.


The SDK automatically serializes data from native types into your preferred language for top performance. You can work with familiar types, such as Pandas DataFrames, or use our own ParameterData class without worrying about the conversions happening behind the scenes.

“The lightbulb moment happened when we realized how resilient Quix is. Reliability is a major consideration when building mission-critical products. We’ve automated a new product feature and Quix’s resilient architecture gives us confidence it won’t fail.”

— Nathan Sanders, Technical Director, Control

See data integration at work

Here’s how engineers are using Quix
Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

Streaming for IoT

Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

Streaming for data applications

Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

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