A better way to craft streaming data applications

Build data applications with software development best practices

Data architecture that scales

The right tools for the right tasks

Build maintainable, observable and scalable data applications with a modern data stack of microservices.

Move data quickly and safely

Handle your data reliably and efficiently in memory with Kafka. Our SDK removes the complexity.

Do more with your data

We’re Python first because it allows you to create any type of data transformation, not only SQL aggregations.

A platform optimized for speed, collaboration and performance


Connect your tools seamlessly. Easily integrate microservices and deploy pipeline components with our open-source library. You can customize them or plug and play — no coding necessary.


Get to work faster. Start developing streaming applications less than a minute after you create an account with our ready-to-use developer environment.


Plan for long-term success. Clean and normalize data in Quix before it goes to a warehouse. This reduces storage costs and makes it easier to scale your architecture.

“We had to hide a team for two years to build this — then it became mission critical.”

— Vice president of engineering in a mobility company

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Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

Streaming for IoT

Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

Streaming data integration

Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

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