A better way to work with IoT data

Create a backend in 2 minutes. Start your project with a Kafka broker, authentication, instant APIs, serverless functions, and data storage.

Focus on your Thing.
Let us take care of the Internet.


Every workspace includes a fully managed Kafka, the world’s fastest message broker.


Produce and consume high-frequency time-series data. Also supports events, audio and video.


Write and run custom code without deploying or scaling servers.


Persist data with a single click. Explore sessions with Quix or Jupyter.

Stream processing designed for time-series data

Goodbye, slow databases. Hello, fast pipelines.

Quix’s broker-centric architecture supports <100ms round-trip latency at any scale. We call it edge-of-cloud.

Time-series data on Kafka?!?

Our unique ParameterData format delivers up to 145 million values per GB streamed. That’s efficiency.

Reliability guaranteed

Never miss a byte. Data is replicated across nodes. Self-healing functions automatically rebalance.

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Here’s what customers are doing with Quix
Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

How to launch personalized wearable devices 300% faster

Feb 1, 2022 | Use case

Consumer IoT devices need real data to build hyper-personalized user experiences. So how did one company launch a fully functional product without months of R&D?

Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

Ensuring data speed and resiliency in a mobile IoT application

Jan 25, 2022 | Use case
Find out how 82 ML models — all deployed in just two weeks — significantly improved network connectivity and reduced operating costs for a leader in mobility.
Benchmarking stream processing client libraries

Build and deploy a data science project (no developer required)

29 Oct, 2021 | Tutorial
An in-depth tutorial on how one data scientist created a real-time predictor of bike availability — a use case you can apply to any fleet or mobility solution.

Ready-to-run APIs do the hard work for you

We provide out-of-the box APIs to produce, consume and query live and historical data. You can automate every aspect of the Quix portal from your application.

Data catalogue API

Access historic data and build applications by querying streams using any HTTP-capable language.

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Streaming reader API

Consume data into your application using WebSockets. Receive updates for parameters and events.

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Streaming writer API

Stream data into Quix via HTTP, as an alternative to C# and Python SDKs.

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Portal API

Automate access to data including users, workspaces and projects.

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Build your app in a rapid development environment

Data catalogue

Explore an ordered list of data streams by session. Search the streams with any meta-data to discover insights faster.

Data explorer

View your data in waveform and table view. Query it with no-code editor. Get your data to your app or notebook with auto-generated query code.

Development environment

Build and run functions quickly in a web IDE. Test code against live or historic data. Stay in control with integrated Git versioning.

Debugging tools

Building live data applications is notoriously hard. Compare results from prod and dev code quickly, inspect logs, and trace data lineage to pinpoint problems quickly.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure on your terms

Quix is built for enterprise-grade deployment on any cloud or on-prem infrastructure. Configure your workspace to point at your Kafka, Kubernetes and Git, and away you go — no vendor lock-in, ever.

Fully managed

Fully managed, multi-tenant infrastructure lets developers start building in minutes. Get full-featured, secure environments — without waiting for IT provisioning.


Our infrastructure or yours? Choose your preferred vendors, then Quix orchestration services stitches it together for you. Switch in seconds without breaking changes.


Want Quix capabilities on-prem or in a private cloud? Grab our helm chart to install and manage Quix on your own.

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