For Time Series Data

React to time series data in real time

Say goodbye to weekly reporting. Quix enables engineers and data scientists to be proactive with time series data. All you need is Python.

Quix for time series data

Unlock the Power of Time Series Data

High Performance

Processing high frequency time series data doesn’t need to be costly or complex.

Better Time to Value

Act on your data fast to make important business decisions.

Reduce Costs

Action, clean and aggregate data in real time without the need for data storage.


Inside the product

The Quix platform

Quickly integrate sources and destinations


Quickly Integrate High-Frequency Data

Easily connect your data sources and destinations with ready-to-run containers.

Act on data in flight


Act on Data Before It Lands in Storage

Clean and normalize data in Quix, reducing storage costs and making it easier to scale your architecture.

Visualise data in real time


Visualise Data in Real time

Quix’s waveform graph and table views make debugging your time series data apps simple.

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Optimizing manufacturing efficiency

How CloudNC use real-time data to make manufacturing 10x more efficient.

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