What is Quix?

Quix lets teams easily develop services to transform data in Kafka. Now anyone can build efficient, reliable and scalable data applications.

Integrate your data

Quickly connect to any data source or destination.

  • No-code connectors
  • Web API gateways
  • Client producer/consumer templates

Develop data transformations

Write modular transformations in pure Python or C#.

  • Use any library or package
  • Test code in an online IDE with auto-complete and debug tools
  • Deploy to production with Git-enabled version control

Extend your application

Add nodes to build real-time data products. Enrich transformations with historic data, engineer features and serve ML models.

Data you can trust

Monitoring, logs, resources and data lineage are just a click away

Reliability guaranteed

Never miss a byte with guaranteed data delivery and processing

Distributed data

Your data is automatically replicated across multiple nodes. In case of node failure, you won’t lose a single message.

Resilent processing

Self-healing services automatically rebalance across nodes. Add replicas to increase resiliency and scale without changing a line of code.

Learn how the Quix SDK automatically handles reliability and scale

Transform your data in flight

Whether your data comes from IoT sensors, digital devices, exchanges or infrastructure — you can now act on it immediately

We’re here for you

Dive into our docs or book time with one of our experts. Tell us about your project — we’re happy to answer questions, give demos and work alongside you without cost or obligation. No joke.