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Quix Platform Users: Application.Quix()

If you are deploying your Quix Streams application to the Quix platform directly, all you need for ensuring everything connects as expected is to use the Application.Quix() instance.

Application.Quix() automatically configures the application to use Quix Kafka broker and underlying API which allows topic creation.
By default, Application.Quix() use auto_create_topics=True.

Using Quix-formatted Messages (SerDes)

The Quix Platform/topics use their own messaging formats, known as TimeseriesData and EventData. In order to consume or produce these, you must use the respective SerDes:

  • QuixDeserializer (can deserialize both)
  • QuixEventsSerializer
  • QuixTimeseriesSerializer

See Migrating from Legacy Quix Streams for more detail around the Quix format.

You may use any serialization method you like instead of the Quix format, but Quix Platform provides additional features on top of this format in the UI.

Using Application.Quix() locally

You may connect to Quix Platform locally too (e.g. while developing the application on your machine).
To do that, you will need to set the following environment variables:


You can find these values on the platform in your Workspace settings.