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QuixStreams.Streaming Namespace

App Provides utilities to handle default streaming behaviors and automatic resource cleanup on shutdown.
IStreamConsumerExtensions Extensions for IStreamConsumer
KafkaStreamingClient A Kafka streaming client capable of creating topic consumer and producers.
KafkaStreamingClientExtensions Extensions for Streaming Client class
PackageReceivedEventArgs Provides data for the PackageReceived event.
QuixStreamingClient Streaming client for Kafka configured automatically using Environment Variables and Quix platform endpoints.
Use this Client when you use this library together with Quix platform.
QuixStreamingClient.TokenValidationConfiguration Token Validation configuration
QuixStreamingClientExtensions Quix Streaming Client extensions
StreamClosedEventArgs Provides data for the StreamClosed event.
TopicConsumer Implementation of ITopicConsumer to consume incoming streams
TopicProducer Implementation of ITopicProducer to produce outgoing streams
TimeseriesDataTimestampValues Enumerable which returns the the Parameter Values of the current TimeseriesDataTimestamp
IStreamConsumer Stream reader interface. Stands for a new stream read from the platform.
Allows to read the stream data received from a topic.
IStreamProducer Stands for a new stream that we want to send to the platform.
It provides you helper properties to stream data the platform like parameter values, events, definitions and all the information you can persist to the platform.
ITopicConsumer Interface to subscribe to incoming streams
ITopicProducer Interface to produce outgoing streams