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sdk broker set


Set a local broker address for the SDK broker configuration

Aliases: set


quix sdk broker set [<address>] [options]


  • <address> : The broker address for the SDK broker configuration (ie: localhost:19092)


  • --enable : Enables Local broker as SDK broker configuration
  • --workspace-id <workspace-id> : The environment to use if your SDK broker configuration is set to Quix Cloud
  • --env-file-name <env-file-name> : Set the name of the environment file [default: .env]
  • --directory <directory> : Base directory (defaults to current directory)
  • --update : Update '.env' files of all the applications with the current SDK broker configuration []

How It Works

The quix sdk broker set command allows you to specify the address for the SDK broker configuration for the current context. By default, this sets the broker to localhost:19092, which is the default pipeline broker address that can be started with the quix pipeline broker up command.

However, using this default broker address is not required. You can change it to suit your development setup. For instance, if you already have a Kafka broker running locally, you might set the address to localhost:9092. Alternatively, you can set it to any other Kafka broker address, such as

This flexibility allows you to configure the SDK broker configuration to match the specific requirements of your development and testing environment.

Example Usage

To set the address for the SDK broker configuration, use the following command:

$ quix sdk broker set

You will be prompted to enter the SDK broker configuration address:

? Enter SDK broker configuration address: (localhost:19092):

If a cloud broker was previously selected, you will be asked if you want to enable the use of the SDK broker configuration:

? Do you want to enable the use of this SDK broker configuration?: [y/n] (y):


You can avoid this question by using the --enable option when setting the address.

If you change your mind, you can switch to the cloud broker with quix sdk broker cloud or back to the local broker with quix sdk broker local.

Ultimately, if the command is successful, you will see the following confirmation message:

✓ SDK broker configuration: Local (localhost:19092)