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sdk broker local


Set the SDK broker configuration to point to a 'Local' broker (default: pipeline broker)

Aliases: local, enable


quix sdk broker local [options]


  • --env-file-name <env-file-name> : Set the name of the environment file [default: .env]
  • --directory <directory> : Base directory (defaults to current directory)
  • --update : Update '.env' files of all the applications with the current SDK broker configuration

How It Works

The quix contexts broker local command configures the SDK broker configuration to use a broker accessible from your local machine. By default, this sets the broker to the pipeline broker running on localhost:19092.

Example Usage

To set the SDK broker configuration to a locally accessible broker, use the following command:

$ quix sdk broker local

If successful, you will see the following confirmation message:

✓ SDK broker configuration: Local (localhost:19092)


You can change the SDK broker configuration address using the quix sdk broker set command.