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Login to your Quix Cloud account

Aliases: login


quix login [<pat>] [options]


  • <pat> : Personal Access Token, if not specified it will do interactive login

How It Works

The quix auth login command allows you to log in to your Quix account. This command provides two ways to authenticate: either through a Personal Access Token (PAT) or via an interactive login process.

  • Using a PAT: If a PAT is provided, the command uses it to authenticate and set the PAT for future interactions.
  • Interactive Login: If no PAT is provided, the command initiates an interactive login process where you can manually log in.

After successful authentication, a success message is displayed.


Using a PAT for authentication can streamline your login process, especially in automated scripts. However, interactive login is useful for a quick one-time setup.

Example Usage

Using a Personal Access Token (PAT)

When you execute the quix login command with a PAT:

$ quix login my_personal_access_token
 Personal Access Token set successfully

Interactive Login

When you execute the quix login command without any options:

$ quix login
If your browser did not open, please copy the following URL and paste it in your browser:
| Your code is:  |
| XVHF-MSMG      |

 Logged in successfully

In the interactive login process, a URL and a user code are provided. If your browser does not open automatically, you can manually navigate to the URL and enter the user code to complete the login process. This ensures a secure and straightforward login experience.

By following these steps, you can easily authenticate to your Quix account using either method.