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1. Sentiment Demo UI

The Sentiment Demo UI is the UI for the tutorial and enables the user to see messages from all of the users of the app and, in later parts of this tutorial, allows the users to see the sentiment of the chat messages.

The UI you will build in this part of the tutorial is shown in the following screenshot:

The sentiment analysis demo page

Creating the gateways

Gateways provide a way for external apps to subscribe and publish to topics, and help visualize those connections in the pipeline view of the Quix platform. An example of their use is shown in the following screenshot:

Chat messages webgateway

In this scenario, the Sentiment Demo UI is the external app since it is using the Quix websockets API.

Follow these steps to create the messages and sentiment web gateways:

  1. Make sure the sentiment topic is available. Click Topics on the main left-hand navigation, and click + Create topic, enter sentiment, and then click Create.

    This topic needs to be available so you can select it in a later step.

  2. Navigate to the Library and locate External Source.

  3. Click Add external source.

  4. In the name field enter Chat messages WebGateway.

  5. Select or enter messages in the output field.

  6. Click Add external Source to create the external source.

  7. Navigate to the Library and locate External Destination.

  8. Click Add external destination.

  9. In the name field enter Chat sentiment WebGateway.

  10. Select sentiment in the input field.

  11. Click Add external Destination to create the external destination.

You've now created the gateways needed for this tutorial.

Locating and deploying the Sentiment Demo UI

The following steps demonstrate how to select the demo UI Library item and deploy it to your Quix workspace.

Follow these steps to deploy the prebuilt UI:

  1. Navigate to the Library and locate Sentiment Demo UI.

  2. Click the Setup & deploy button.

  3. Ensure that the sentiment input box contains sentiment.

    This topic will be subscribed to and will contain the sentiment scores from the sentiment analysis service, you'll deploy this in a later part of this tutorial.

  4. Ensure that the messages input contains messages.

    • This topic will contain all the chat messages.
    • The UI will subscribe to this topic, to display new messages, as well as publishing to the topic when a user sends a message using the send button in the UI.
    • Later, the sentiment analysis service will also subscribe to messages on this topic to produce sentiment scores.
  5. Click Deploy.

You've now Deployed the Sentiment Demo UI.

Trying out the UI

Now try out the UI you just deployed.

  1. Find the URL for the deployed UI by navigating to the homepage and locating the tile representing the deployed UI, as shown in the following screenshot:

    Deployed UI tile

  2. Click the open in new window icon Open in new window icon.

    This is the user interface for the demo. The view you’ll see after creating a room to chat in is shown in the following screenshot:

    The sentiment analysis demo page

  3. Now enter some messages. They will be displayed in the chat list.

  4. To make the demo more entertaining, use your phone to scan the QR code, or send a link to this page to a friend or colleague. When they interact you'll see their chat messages appear in your UI in real time!


You have successfully deployed and tested the UI.

Analyze the sentiment of your messages by following Part 2 of this tutorial