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This project publishes data to DynamoDB.

How to run

Create a Quix account or log-in and visit the Samples to use this project.

Clicking Edit code on the Sample, forks the project to your own Git repo so you can customize it before deploying.

Requirements / Prerequisites

AWS access key id and secret for a user having permission to perform dynamodb:BatchWriteItem on supplied table_name. Optionally, dynamodb:CreateTable on resource arn:aws:dynamodb:region:account-id:table/quix-* for connector to auto create DynamoDB table for you.

Example policy for pre-created table

  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Action": [
  "Resource": [

Example policy for creating table automatically

  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Action": [
  "Resource": [

Environment Variables

The code sample uses the following environment variables:

  • input: Name of the input topic to listen to. Required
  • table_name: Name of the Amazon DynamoDB table, same as input if not provided.
  • aws_access_key_id: AWS access key id. Required
  • aws_secret_access_key: AWS secret access key Required
  • max_retry: Max reties for failed batch of records
  • param_partition_key: Parameter name to be used as partition key.
  • param_sort_key: Parameter name to be used as sort key.

Using param_partition_key and param_sort_key

Environment variables param_partition_key and param_sort_key can take any of below values:

  1. Direct string type parameter name from the message OR
  2. Derived key attribute name and strftime pattern joined by pipe |. (e.g. hour_of_day|%Y-%m-%d %H)

For example message,

  "timestamp": 1667844200703123, // 2022-11-07 19:03:20.703123
  "key1": "value1",
  "key2": 10,
  "key3": "value3"

Example 1

# Note: Only string type parameter is allowed as parition key and sort key at the time.
param_partition_key = key1
param_sort_key = key3

DynamoDB Record

key1 (PK) | key3 (SK)     | timestamp (N)        | key2 (N)
value1    | value3        | 1667844200703123     | 10

Example 2

param_partition_key = year_month|%Y-%m
param_sort_key = rest_of_ts|%d-%H:%M:%S.%f

DynamoDB Record

year_month (PK) | rest_of_ts (SK)     | timestamp (N)    | key1 (S)   | key2 (N) | key3 (S)
2022-11         | 07-19:03:20.703123  | 1667844200703123 | value1     | 10       | value3

Example 3

param_partition_key = my_date_time|%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f
param_sort_key = (empty)

DynamoDB Record

my_date_time (PK)           | timestamp (N)    | key1 (S)   | key2 (N) | key3 (S)
2022-11-07T19:03:20.703123  | 1667844200703123 | value1     | 10       | value3


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Open source

This project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license and available in our GitHub repo.

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