Quix changelog

Found a bug in the platform or keen to see a new feature in a future release of Quix? Please let us know in the #quix-help channel in The Stream Slack community or drop us an email at devs@quix.ai

Release 1.42.0 | 02 September, 2022

Busy squashing bugs

  • Added the capability to resize tables across the platform
  • Improved sorting for topics list
  • Improved several empty states across the platform including a new empty state for the pipeline view
  • Improved performance and database calls when querying persisted data
  • Updated the look of some older dialogs
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the login and logout functions didn’t always log you in or out
  • Streams with the same ID on different topics are now treated independently for Delete and Restore actions in the persisted streams section
  • Fixed several bugs related to topics metrics graphs across the platform
  • Explore button in persisted streams now clears previously selected parameters and events
  • Fixed a bug in the data explorer section that cleared user aggregation selection
  • Fixed a bug in the data explorer section in which the table view showed more columns than expected
  • Fixed several issues in the data explorer section’s live data view
  • Fixed minor issues for those using a Firefox browser
  • Fixed UI responsiveness issues when using long topic names
  • Fixed UI responsiveness issues when using small screens
  • Fixed an issue that caused installation of previous dependencies when modifying requirements.txt file for Python projects 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the onboarding questions to appear more than once
  • Fixed a bug in the library section that caused environment variables to not be created correctly when saving as a project
  • Fixed topics section in broker settings — you should now be able to rotate your tokens if you are an admin

Release 1.41.0 | 11 August, 2022

New features comin’ your way!

New features
  • We completely redesigned the data explorer query builder. It’s now topic centric, making it easier to use
  • Persisted streams view redesigned with a new look and topic centric view
  • It’s now possible to give external sources additional context by renaming the
  • External sources now have a dedicated view to help you get going with our APIs
  • New elements on cards and pipeline views are now highlighted and centered on the screen to improve ease of use
  • List view updates are already automatically synced, but we’ve added a new refresh button just in case
  • We’ve updated the dialogs across the platform to have autofocus and key responsiveness. They now also share a consistent design
  • The “copy to clipboard” behavior functions more consistently now
  • Improved performance of topic data metrics graphs across the platform for better observability
  • The deployments layout has changed to help differentiate between items created from project or library
Bug fixes
  • We fixed an issue that caused pipeline view to not render in some cases.
  • Notifications should now respect the workspace they belong to rather than showing the current workspace
  • In live view the messages can be searched again even when live flow is paused
  • Data query service will return a 400 message for invalid requests rather than a cryptic 500 error message
  • Project rename is possible again
  • Several bugs in the data explorer and query builder are now fixed for a smoother user experience

Release 1.40.0 | 26 July, 2022

Get what you want, when you want it

  • The topics screen has a new design so that it’s easier to use — let us know if you like it!
  • Quix onboarding is now more responsive to your screen size
  • The library now has a landing screen to help new users navigate it
  • Fixed a scenario where external sources showed up unnecessarily in the pipeline view
  • The platform header now includes improved help
  • The billing page now displays prices in USD
Bug fixes
  • Removed the extra scrollbar that appeared in some library items
  • Ensured that files always show content in the library
  • Fixed an issue with notifications appearing multiple times
  • Deployment states on the home screen should now constantly update properly, not just the first time
  • Inactive topics lacked a tooltip on the home screen and deployment details. We rectified that.
  • Broker details now include the list of brokers
  • Deployment edit/create dialog no longer allows creating deployment without loading all details of the new version first. This primarily impacts slower connections.

Release 1.39.0 | 5 July, 2022

Get where you want while giving your computer a break

  • The live data preview can now handle an enormous number of parameters and streams so that your computer doesn’t sweat so much
  • The navigation experience now works better on slower networks. No more accidentally landing where you don’t want to be
  • The live preview is now disabled if no live data is running
  • The data-explorer errors are now easier for humans to understand them
  • Scrolling horizontally in the library code preview is now easier
  • Draft loading improved in the home and pipeline view
  • Streamlined library flow to clarify code preview and how to modify it
Bug fixes
  • Users can now select non-Python code generation in the live preview
  • The time-range dialog now consistently shows the correct values
  • Creating a deployment from the project source view now consistently selects the correct project
  • The waveform now works better with configurations that result in more data than what can be displayed

Release 1.38.0 | 27 June, 2022

User experience is all in the details

  • Copying error notification details now appends additional details to help identify issues faster
  • Deployment and projects are now set as the title of the browser tab making it easier to keep track of your tabs
  • Users receive a warning when losing connections to notifications, and now they will receive feedback when reconnected
  • The delete dialog now behaves similarly to all resources
  • The data explorer now has an historical and a live mode
  • The live mode was previously accessible only through other means, and the new modes make the user experience easier
  • In the online IDE, switching files will no longer abort the running Python application
  • Added new information tooltips to help guide users
Bug fixes
  • The stop button no longer disappears in the deployment details view
  • Deployment public access toggle now loads its state when opening deployment details
  • Small visual and performance improvements across the Quix portal
  • Zooming in too far no longer locks up the UI in data explorer. Now you can zoom back out.
  • Fixed the deployment card, which did not always open the expected library item
  • Fixed project delete notification, which showed incorrect information

Release 1.37.0 | 15 June, 2022

Keep the feedback coming! User-suggested changes in Quix

New features
  • We love feedback. Thanks to suggestions from users, the data explorer now has an option to enable or disable aggregation for all parameters with a single toggle.
  • The table and message view — previously available only in deployment details — is now also available in the live topic explorer.
  • The live topic explorer now follows the leading edge of a topic instead of being limited to the current time. This lets you see data sent to a topic with times other than current, such as replays.
  •  Improved documentation with new tutorials:
  • Users can now click on the “Select” and “From” titles are now clickable in the data explorer, same as the icons next to the text.
  • When selection allows, data points on waveforms are now highlighted.
  • Online IDE dependencies can be forcefully reinstalled using a new entry in the “…” menu next to deploy and run.
  • Notifications received design and stability improvements.
  • Improved load state for the data explorer. It now lets users know when it’s loading.
  • Improved hover states for arrows in pipeline and lineage views, displaying data to users better.
  • Sliders in deployment dialogs should display the correct maximum value of your subscription.
  • Improved the live view of empty states. It now tells users that it’s empty and prompts them for action
  • The data explorer waveform now correctly displays gaps in data instead of interpolating value for the missing range.
  • Improved the data explorer load times for selecting parameters, events and streams.
  • The auto-refresh button is now above the waveform in the data explorer.
Bug fixes
  • The pipeline view now consistently renders as expected in Safari.
  • Fixed an issue where some workspace cards sometimes overlapped.
  • The onboarding questionnaire no longer asks questions twice.
  • Various small changes across the platform to improve the user experience.

Release 1.36.0 | 18 May, 2022

Keep tabs on your data system with Quix’s pipeline view

New features
  • We added a pipeline view to the Quix portal. Now you can see your entire process — from sources through transformations to destinations — in a single glance. Having your architecture depicted in one image expedites monitoring and alleviates the pain of building on top of the current system.
  • You can now view parameter data in table format in addition to JSON in the live data view. This makes larger messages easier to understand.
  • The edit deployment dialog has been redesigned to make it easier to use
  • The autocomplete for hidden texts in the Quix library has been disabled
  • Users now receive a dialog message when losing connection to notifications
  • Reaching a deployment limit is now properly communicated through notifications, so you won’t be left wondering why deployment failed
Bug fixes
  • Clearing trash via the “Empty trash” button should now always work
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes stopped deployments from automatically starting after creation
  • The data view under deployment details and online IDE immediately shows the missed messages accrued when changing from “paused” to “live” rather than waiting for the next message
  • Fixed the incorrect history that showed when switching between branches
  • Parameter groups now have a correct icon in the data view

Release 1.35.0 | 21 April, 2022

It’s the little things in life

  • The persistence service can now recover on its own from more unexpected scenarios
  • Added loading indicator when creating a project from a library item
  • Don’t know where to get started? We added a quick start guide to developer docs
  • Repo.json is now editable only via the built-in environment variables editor
  • Job-type deployments will no longer automatically restart on runtime error. Now, because the logs aren’t automatically reset with a new run, you can admire where the code went horribly wrong. 😉)
Bug fixes
  • When you open the deployment details for in/output topics, the Quix UI no longer freezes for a few seconds
  • False error notifications no longer appear when creating a project
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes kept library items from deploying
  • The final project environment variable is no longer immortal so you can remove it when desired

Release 1.34.0 | 14 April, 2022

Developing with Quix just got better

New features
  • Added a data-lineage view to projects, making it easier to understand a project’s relationship to other deployments and projects
  • Added a data view to projects. Now you can see any referenced topic data flow without having to navigate.
  • You can now see work-in-progress projects in your workspace. Projects without a deployment now show up in your workspace home as a “Draft” deployment placeholder. The latest master commit is used for environmental values.
  • We added a new dialog for mobile users to let them know that the user experience is better on desktop
    Ellipsed (…) text displays the complete value in a tooltip when hovered over
  • Deployment logs now automatically load the most recent 100 logs
  • When leaving a project, an improved dialog is displayed if you have pending changes
  • Improved the look of some of the dashed borders
  • Big payloads in the data view (deployment details view, projects) no longer cause significant browser performance issues
  • Disabled autocomplete for most fields to prevent browser extensions such as password managers from degrading the user experience
  • We improved how notifications are delivered, which will provide a more consistent experience
  • Expanded the Streaming Reader docs and updated some dated code snippets for SDK
Bug fixes
  • Some fixes were made on deployment logs to provide a better user experience
  • The table view in data explorer now consistently displays the content properly
  • All library item configuration fields will display their intended helper text, not just topics
  • Stream text filter in the data explorer should no longer randomly lose focus after deleting characters
  • Fixed a potential issue with deployment deletion that caused it to fail in rare cases
Release 1.33.0 | 5 April, 2022

SDK 0.4.5 released to combat issue introduced in Python 0.4.3

  • In the detailed deployment view, the arrows indicating input and output topics no longer hide their names. Users can see reveal names by hovering the mouse over the arrows.
  • When you stop a running project in the online IDE, the platform will give it 10 seconds to gracefully shut down. (Note: the logs stop displaying after you press Stop).
  • It is now possible to test projects in the online IDE that rely on exposed addresses. When you press Run, a navigation icon will appear next to the project’s title, letting you access your running website.
Bug fixes
  • We released SDK 0.4.5 to combat an issue introduced in Python 0.4.3. We strongly advise everyone to upgrade to 0.4.5 as soon as possible. The exact version of the latest SDK can be found in any Python library item requirements.txt. This issue affected projects created from the library/template between March 30 and 31.
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by an incorrect subscription/unsubscription front-end logic when connecting to the underlying backend service. The topic explorer now always shows the data in a topic.
  • Notifications now reliably arrive at Quix’s front end, which fixes deployments that sometimes appeared stuck in stopping and starting states.

Release 1.32.0 | 29 March, 2022

Squashing all the bugs

New features
  • We redesigned the workspace page! Now it’s cleaner, supports more visual state changes (such as deleting and creating) and looks a bit shinier. 
  • You can now list the messages for the relevant topics in the new data tab in deployment details
  • The parameter/stream pop-up button in the data explorer remains active, even when all entries are selected
  • New resources in our documentation to support improvements in the product
  • Telemetry query is now able to filter more entities by the topic they belong to and filter entities by a list of topics inseam of a single topic
Bug fixes
  • The workspace dialog now is now visible in all resolutions using a scroll bar when necessary
  • An unnecessary error message that appeared when a deployment was stopped has been removed
  • Demploymets now reliably update their state without a page refresh
  • The scrollbar in the data explorer’s waveform now remains visible on all screen sizes
  • Deleting a persisted stream now removes any filter previously applied, which makes all streams visible in the trash file
  • Projects created from the SDK tutorial now have the correct run and deployment files
  • Errors in documentation entries at quix.io/docs have been corrected
  • Fixed an issue in the telemetry query: some requests that contained special characters, such as “+,” did not always return expected results
  • Opening a project now always shows the desired file

Release 1.31.0 | 17 March, 2022

Updated SDK, library improvements and now you can find us on Slack

  • We moved from Discord to Slack! Chat with Quixers and anyone else involved in time series data in The Stream. We’re eager to meet you!
  • Version 0.4.2 of the SKD is now available! It includes:
    • Improved logging so that consumers/producers now have individual IDs displayed in their logs to help when identifying when one has an issue
    • LibrdKafka upgrade from 1.6.2 to 1.8.2. Some Linux environments might be impacted, but we found no issues on Mac or Windows operating systems
    • Corrected a rare edge case issue caused when trying to reconnect to Kafka with a consumer
    • Lowered some timeout Kafka producer errors to information
    • Worked to ensure that state is threat safe to eliminate the rare cases of “Malformed data file”
    • SDK tokens now work for the WebSocket reader and writer
  • Quix library updates
    • Deploy-ready library items have replaces the precious connector system
    • Some library items now support direct deployment without having to create a project first, so that you can streamline your workflow
    • The library received a visual update so that it’s easier to navigate
  • All password fields now include a one-click copy feature
  • The online IDE now highlights HTML syntax
Bug fixes
  • Projects now reliably download as a zip file, no matter how large
  • Fixed notification that arises when deleting a deployment
  • Some code samples in the Quix library that were intended for copy-paste displayed their ReadMe, not the code. This is now corrected.
  • Implemented performance improvements to how deployment details subscribe to changes

Release 1.30.0 | 4 March, 2022

Assorted improvements and bugfixes

  • When deploying a project, the variables are now tied to the code version instead of the project in general
  • Refined syntax highlighting for the online IDE — you won’t see any more red squiggles for readmes
  • Clarified and expanded documentation
  • The data explorer received a style update
Bug fixes
  • When selecting a commit from project history to deploy, the correct version will now populate
  • Fixed the library samples that weren’t updating the display code on the first change
  • Deployment CPU and memory now correctly display when using more than one replica
  • It’s now possible to always properly delete a topic and a deployment
  • Fixed an inconsistent “STOP” behavior in job-type deployments
  • Repaired a scenario when deployment did not use the correct deploy file for the version

Release 1.29.0 | 24 Feb, 2022

New Confluent broker integration and improvements to the frontend

New features
  • Released a Confluent broker integration that Quix users on a paid tier can use in workspaces. The integration gives you easy access to greater flexibility. Because it’s a new feature, please let us know if you have any issues in our community Slack.
  • Frontend
    • Deploying a project now automatically fills in the deployment name
    • Browser tabs that are inactive for longer than five minutes are now automatically deactivated to reduce your network usage
    • Deployment details lineage view now has tooltips, which allows for users to assign long names without issues
    • Notifications are now more predictable across workspaces
    • Began converting some navigation actions to allow opening pages in a new tab with a middle click
    • Improved the onboarding experience
Bug fixes
  • Fixed small UI bugs

Release 1.28.0 | 16 Feb, 2022

New functionality for a no-code workflow and an open source library

New features
  • We’ve open sourced our library of connectors for use in building data pipelines. You can use, improve and contribute code samples in the form of sources, transformations and destinations on GitHub. The samples cut down on development time while remaining customizable, so you can make precisely what you want in a fraction of the time.
  • Introducing the Quix pipeline workflow: Our new workflow lets users build pipelines to process and apply data without prior experience with streaming infrastructure. Assemble samples from the open source library without code, customize them with a few lines of code or build new ones from scratch. Now more people than ever can experience the benefits of streaming data.
  • The Quix portal
    • Improved the library, homepage and deployment pages to increase usability
    • Improved the handling of some edge cases, which will provide more human-readable error messages
    • Rearranged the menu bar on the left of the portal to better align with how users interact with each option
  • The Quix SDK
    • The QuixStreamingClient is now available, simplifying the Quix connection code to make integrations more seamless
    • Introduced App.Run to handle application lifetime better and to avoid most boilerplate
    • Improved reconnect logic for reading from Kafka
    • Projects now store variables and entry/build points with the source code, which allows different configurations or the deployment of older versions without issue
  • Project/deployment variables
    • They now offer an input/output setting along with topic type, which is a key type when building pipelines
    • They now support hidden text so that you can decide if you’d like the world to see your credentials
  • Removed most boilerplate from the code samples in the library
  • The topic filter in the data catalog now “matches exact” instead of “starts with” to make filtering easier

Release 1.27.0 | 13 Dec, 2021

New functionality for project development

New features
  • Improved setup guide with full descriptions and help links for all data connectors. What are connectors? They’re the live and historical data streams built into Quix that help you create and test projects with real streaming data.
  • Some of the fields are now automatically filled for samples and connectors, making it faster to get started
  • New functionalities when developing a project:
    • add tags more easily
    • rename folders
    • improved history navigation
    • adjustable panels
  • The live view component now properly displays string parameters
  • Better mobile view
Bug fixes
  • Various fixes made in project development page
  • SDK builder behaves as it should now
  • Hitting enter no longer commits twice
  • Pipeline mode view fixed in explorer
  • Fixed data grid display in Safari

Release 1.26.0 | 10 Nov, 2021

View live data without persistence

New features
  • Live data view without persistence is now available. The live data view can be accessed by clicking “Explore” in the topic view.
  • Topics are no longer persisted by default when created for a connector. (See live preview.)
  • Microsoft and GitHub social sign on are now enabled. Existing users will be able to link later.
  • Drastic improvements made to persistence service — now it handles large volumes of streaming data better.
  • An improved onboarding experience guides you through building your first projects with Quix.
  • Get more speed across our platform. This includes:
    • Improved build times
    • Improved project IDE startup times
    • Improved the speed for changing code referenced by the project IDE
  • Friendly UX changes to make working in Quix a bit more delightful:
    • Data explorer improvements include replacing the Live button with a Refresh/Auto Refresh icon
    • Deployments, Projects and Topics are now ordered alphabetically
    • The “Interrupted” state is renamed “Idle” to better reflect its status
    • The red circled exclamation mark shows up less frequently next to notifications
Bug fixes
  • Environment variables should no longer cause the IDE to restart

Release 1.25.0 | 29 Oct, 2021

Major release: Integrated Development Environment

Introducing the Quix IDE: This helps ensure your code will be production-ready by running it seamlessly against live and replayed test data sets. You no longer need to set up a local IDE (unless you want to). You’ll spend less time waiting for building and testing, bringing your products to market faster.

Introducing Connectors: We’ve connected Quix to a variety of live data sources, so now you can easily and immediately access external data sources or replay test data sets.

New features
  • Visualize data query builder segment received a major overhaul. It should be a lot more familiar for people with SQL experience.
  • We added data sources to our topics view, so now you can create connectors to external data sources or replay test data sets.
  • Telemetry Query now supports filtering streams by the events they contain, not just parameters.
  • Telemetry Query now supports querying parameter data and event data in the same call.
  • Streaming Reader introduced ActiveStreamChanges endpoint to return currently active streams and their details, such as the parameters and events they contain. As this change made ParameterDefinitions and EventDefinitions endpoints unnecessary, we removed them.
  • Get more speed in the IDE:
    • In the project view, the IDE now attaches and changes between code versions faster
    • Multiple deployments start up significantly faster
    • Deployments spend less time in queue, deploy faster
    • Additional improvements made to session setup speed
  • Improved topics view
  • No more captcha on signup
  • Improved the look and feel of various parts of the UI
  • Improved the way we detect terminal signals sent to the application in our samples
  • Streaming writer performance improved when sending data for multiple streams; it can now write multiple streams faster
  • Streaming reader improvements include handling exceptions if any happen during streaming of logs and other responses
  • New tutorials: In our docs, find and work with more samples in the library, such as our Slack alerting tutorial and this city mobility tutorial. Read more about how we built it on our blog.

Release 1.24.0 | 12 Oct, 2021

Default environment variables

New features

All deployments now have access to a default set of environment variables:


  • Quix__Deployment__Limits__Replica
  • Quix__Deployment__Limits__Memory
  • Quix__Deployment__Limits__Cpu
  • Quix__Deployment__State__Enabled
  • Quix__Deployment__State__Size
  • Quix__Deployment__State__Type
  • Quix__Deployment__Id
  • Quix__Deployment__Type
  • Quix__Deployment__Name
  • Quix__Project__Id
  • Quix__Project__Name
  • Quix__Project__Git__CommitRef
  • Quix__Project__Git__Ref
  • Quix__Build__Id
  • Quix__Workspace__Id
  • Quix__Organisation__Id
  • Additional samples, guides and tutorials include:
    • Currency alerting
    • Sentiment analysis
Bug fixes
  • Various bugfixes in UI

Release 1.23.0 | 9 Sep, 2021

Demo streaming data with a driving game

New features

Want to see stream processing live without building your own project? Stream and process real time data with our game/demo — no coding required.

  • Stream 50Hz G-force sensor data from your phone to the cloud
  • Python code processes your data with low latency
  • Results are returned back to your browser, all with Quix streaming APIs



Then check out our tutorial for stream processing to see how we built it and modify the game yourself.

Bug fixes
  • Updated packages to latest to avoid possible incompatibility, due to referencing multiple versions of the same package.

Release 1.22.0 | 27 Aug, 2021

Search everything from any stream

New features
  • New version of the Quix SDK (0.3.5) released! All our samples are updated to point to the new version.
  • We now support out-of-the-box integration with Kafka topics not using the Quix SDK protocol. The ability to read raw messages from Kafka topics is useful for integrating both read and write, and will help you integrate with Quix faster.
  • We implemented an optional re-send for stream properties (stream name, metadata, location and such), so consumers joining late have a chance to catch them again. This defaults to “enabled,” with a 30 second rebroadcast period.
  • It is now possible to specify if you wish to read from the beginning of the topic, or just the new data. Look for the AutoOffsetReset property when opening an input topic.
  • Streaming web API: SignalR endpoint for stream writer
  • The stream search now searches in everything, not just stream names. Duration, status, parents, parameters? No problem for the new search!
  • Improve performance when writing to the same topic using multiple streams.
  • The UI received some artistic changes, we hope you like the new icons, updated colors and the upgraded look!
  • Deployment screen responsiveness is much improved.
  • Source code directory trees now order content, so directories are always first
    When creating new file in project, it now defaults to the current directory when clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
Bug fixes
  • Kafka is a bit melodramatic at times, so we lowered the severity of a few errors to warning or information.
  • Fix possible null reference, threading issues.