Quix Changelog

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1.43.0 | 3 November, 2022

New features, performance improvements and bug squashing

New Features
  • New Replay service feature! Users can replay any persisted stream to a Topic as if it was happening now. This feature has been added on Persisted Streams, Pipeline view and Deployment details pages.
  • Added new advanced configuration on Topics page. Users can now specify Retention and Partitions configuration when creating new Topics.
  • Added new Run configuration on Projects IDE. Users can now specify different environment variable values in each Run of the application without changing default values of the Environment variables.
  • Added new Deployments list view on workspace home page.
  • Added new External Destination item to the library to signal when a pipeline is sending data to an external system.
  • Allow users to save code as a project from the Library, even if they haven't completed the library item setup and configuration.
  • Several performance improvements across the platform.
  • Added AWS support. Platform is now compatible with Elastic Kubernetes Service (AKS) installation.
  • Added (*) star functionality to the Streaming Reader service. Users can now subscribe to all the Streams, all the Parameters or all the Events of a Topic.
  • Improved several error statuses on Topics page.
  • Several improvements in the Project IDE regarding file selection, tags and commits navigation.
  • Updated Quix logo on the platform (we have a new brand!)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some refresh issues when changing Input/Output variables on Project IDE
  • Fixed some visualization issues on Topic metrics component
  • Fixed an issue in Data Explorer where null values were shown as 0 instead of null
  • Fixed an issue in Data Explorer (Live view) where null values were not drawn properly in the waveform
  • Fixed several empty states across the platform
  • Fixed an issue in Persisted Streams when filtering by location
  • Fixed some issues when selecting/unselecting Drafts on Pipeline view
  • Fixed some issues on Data Explorer (Live view) when filtering for specific Stream / Parameters
  • Fixed some issues working in Project IDE editor
  • Fixed some issues when navigating to a specific branch from Deployments to the Project IDE
  • Fixed an issue with the URL link of a deployment with public access
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't delete a User from the workspace
  • Fixed some refresh issues on Pipeline view
  • Fixed navigation issues on workspace Home
  • Fixed some issues updating logs in real time from Project IDE
1.42.0 | 2 September, 2022

Busy squashing bugs

  • Added the capability to resize tables across the platform
  • Improved sorting for topics list
  • Improved several empty states across the platform including a new empty state for the pipeline view
  • Improved performance and database calls when querying persisted data
  • Updated the look of some older dialogs
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the login and logout functions didn’t always log you in or out
  • Streams with the same ID on different topics are now treated independently for Delete and Restore actions in the persisted streams section
  • Fixed several bugs related to topics metrics graphs across the platform
  • Explore button in persisted streams now clears previously selected parameters and events
  • Fixed a bug in the data explorer section that cleared user aggregation selection
  • Fixed a bug in the data explorer section in which the table view showed more columns than expected
  • Fixed several issues in the data explorer section’s live data view
  • Fixed minor issues for those using a Firefox browser
  • Fixed UI responsiveness issues when using long topic names
  • Fixed UI responsiveness issues when using small screens
  • Fixed an issue that caused installation of previous dependencies when modifying requirements.txt file for Python projects
  • Fixed an issue that caused the onboarding questions to appear more than once
  • Fixed a bug in the library section that caused environment variables to not be created correctly when saving as a project
  • Fixed topics section in broker settings — you should now be able to rotate your tokens if you are an admin
1.41.0 | 11 August, 2022

New features comin’ your way!

New Features
  • We completely redesigned the data explorer query builder. It’s now topic centric, making it easier to use
  • Persisted streams view redesigned with a new look and topic centric view
  • It’s now possible to give external sources additional context by renaming them
  • External sources now have a dedicated view to help you get going with our APIs
  • New elements on cards and pipeline views are now highlighted and centered on the screen to improve ease of use
  • List view updates are already automatically synced, but we’ve added a new refresh button just in case
  • We’ve updated the dialogs across the platform to have autofocus and key responsiveness. They now also share a consistent design
  • The “copy to clipboard” behavior functions more consistently now
  • Improved performance of topic data metrics graphs across the platform for better observability
  • The deployments layout has changed to help differentiate between items created from project or library
Bug Fixes
  • We fixed an issue that caused pipeline view to not render in some cases.
  • Notifications should now respect the workspace they belong to rather than showing the current workspace
  • In live view the messages can be searched again even when live flow is paused
  • Data query service will return a 400 message for invalid requests rather than a cryptic 500 error message
  • Project rename is possible again
  • Several bugs in the data explorer and query builder are now fixed for a smoother user experience
1.40.0 | 26 July, 2022

Get what you want, when you want it

  • The topics screen has a new design so that it’s easier to use — let us know if you like it!
  • Quix onboarding is now more responsive to your screen size
  • The library now has a landing screen to help new users navigate it
  • Fixed a scenario where external sources showed up unnecessarily in the pipeline view
  • The platform header now includes improved help
  • The billing page now displays prices in USD
Bug Fixes
  • Removed the extra scrollbar that appeared in some library items
  • Ensured that files always show content in the library
  • Fixed an issue with notifications appearing multiple times
  • Deployment states on the home screen should now constantly update properly, not just the first time
  • Inactive topics lacked a tooltip on the home screen and deployment details. We rectified that.
  • Broker details now include the list of brokers
  • Deployment edit/create dialog no longer allows creating deployment without loading all details of the new version first. This primarily impacts slower connections.
1.39.0 | 5 July, 2022

Get where you want while giving your computer a break

  • The live data preview can now handle an enormous number of parameters and streams so that your computer doesn’t sweat so much
  • The navigation experience now works better on slower networks. No more accidentally landing where you don’t want to be
  • The live preview is now disabled if no live data is running
  • The data-explorer errors are now easier for humans to understand them
  • Scrolling horizontally in the library code preview is now easier
  • Draft loading improved in the home and pipeline view
  • Streamlined library flow to clarify code preview and how to modify it
Bug Fixes
  • Users can now select non-Python code generation in the live preview
  • The time-range dialog now consistently shows the correct values
  • Creating a deployment from the project source view now consistently selects the correct project
  • The waveform now works better with configurations that result in more data than what can be displayed
1.38.0 | 27 June, 2022

User experience is all in the details

  • Copying error notification details now appends additional details to help identify issues faster
  • Deployment and projects are now set as the title of the browser tab making it easier to keep track of your tabs
  • Users receive a warning when losing connections to notifications, and now they will receive feedback when reconnected
  • The delete dialog now behaves similarly to all resources
  • The data explorer now has an historical and a live mode
  • The live mode was previously accessible only through other means, and the new modes make the user experience easier
  • In the online IDE, switching files will no longer abort the running Python application
  • Added new information tooltips to help guide users
Bug Fixes
  • The stop button no longer disappears in the deployment details view
  • Deployment public access toggle now loads its state when opening deployment details
  • Small visual and performance improvements across the Quix portal
  • Zooming in too far no longer locks up the UI in data explorer. Now you can zoom back out.
  • Fixed the deployment card, which did not always open the expected library item
  • Fixed project delete notification, which showed incorrect information
1.37.0 | 15 June, 2022

Keep the feedback coming! User-suggested changes in Quix

New Features
  • We love feedback. Thanks to suggestions from users, the data explorer now has an option to enable or disable aggregation for all parameters with a single toggle.
  • The table and message view — previously available only in deployment details — is now also available in the live topic explorer.
  • The live topic explorer now follows the leading edge of a topic instead of being limited to the current time. This lets you see data sent to a topic with times other than current, such as replays.
  • Improved documentation with new tutorials
  • Users can now click on the “Select” and “From” titles are now clickable in the data explorer, same as the icons next to the text
  • When selection allows, data points on waveforms are now highlighted
  • Online IDE dependencies can be forcefully reinstalled using a new entry in the “…” menu next to deploy and run
  • Notifications received design and stability improvements
  • Improved load state for the data explorer. It now lets users know when it’s loading.
  • Improved hover states for arrows in pipeline and lineage views, displaying data to users better
  • Sliders in deployment dialogs should display the correct maximum value of your subscription
  • Improved the live view of empty states. It now tells users that it’s empty and prompts them for action.
  • The data explorer waveform now correctly displays gaps in data instead of interpolating value for the missing range
  • Improved the data explorer load times for selecting parameters, events and streams
  • The auto-refresh button is now above the waveform in the data explorer
Bug Fixes
  • The pipeline view now consistently renders as expected in Safari
  • Fixed an issue where some workspace cards sometimes overlapped
  • The onboarding questionnaire no longer asks questions twice
  • Various small changes across the platform to improve the user experience
1.36.0 | 18 May, 2022

Keep tabs on your data system with Quix’s pipeline view

New Features
  • We added a pipeline view to the Quix portal. Now you can see your entire process — from sources through transformations to destinations — in a single glance. Having your architecture depicted in one image expedites monitoring and alleviates the pain of building on top of the current system.
  • You can now view parameter data in table format in addition to JSON in the live data view. This makes larger messages easier to understand.
  • The edit deployment dialog has been redesigned to make it easier to use
  • The autocomplete for hidden texts in the Quix library has been disabled
  • Users now receive a dialog message when losing connection to notifications
  • Reaching a deployment limit is now properly communicated through notifications, so you won’t be left wondering why deployment failed
Bug Fixes
  • Clearing trash via the “Empty trash” button should now always work
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes stopped deployments from automatically starting after creation
  • The data view under deployment details and online IDE immediately shows the missed messages accrued when changing from “paused” to “live” rather than waiting for the next message
  • Fixed the incorrect history that showed when switching between branches
  • Parameter groups now have a correct icon in the data view